“ParkCell AB with activities in Uppsala and Lund, Sweden, works on a novel treatment (advanced therapy) for Parkinson’s disease (PD), a common neurodegenerative disease.

The ParkCell technology is a cell-based therapy aiming at re-establishing the lost functionality in the brain of Parkinson’s patients by utilizing specialized autologous cells (note, not stem cells). We believe and have data supporting that these cells will be viable long-term after grafting to the brain and that a relatively simple well-established stereotactic surgical procedure will present a highly potent method for injecting our cell-based product inhibiting or potentially curing PD.

We also have a novel biomarker-based diagnostic technology in early development for prediction of Parkinson’s disease long before patients start to display symptoms. ParkCell was awarded the BIO-X/VINNOVA grants for Advanced Therapies and this has taken us successfully through a program of Parkinson model studies.

The company is now close to a product and plan for a pilot study in humans in late 2016. Companies, Investors and Caregivers who would like to work together with us in this interesting phase please contact us for more information.