Investor Relations

We are open for new investors and partnering companies to enter next phase with us.

ParkCell AB is a small Biotech company in the field of Neuro Science. We are specialized in the Neurodegenerative disorder Parkinson’s disease. Our novel product is cell-based and classified as Advanced Therapy. We replace the cells that get lost when the patients develop the disease with new cells that produce the signal molecules that have gone lost. This is not stem cells.

We believe and have data supporting that these cells will be viable long-term after grafting to the brain and that a relatively simple stereotactic surgical procedure will present a highly potent method for treating PD. We have established methods for harvesting, purifying, and expanding the cells from the patients themselves, i.e. autologous cells.

There is a huge unmet need for a treatment like this and a very good global marketing potential. The costs and risks developing and reaching marketing approval for this type of Advanced Therapy are much lower than conventional drug development.

We are right now in the end of our successful preclinical and animal studies and plan to enter a pilot study in human in 2016.

We hope you are interested to know more and are open to discuss the possibilities and potentials in this product with you.